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SIM Detective is a software product available from a trusted partner of Crisp Telecom. If you are interested in more information on SIM Detective and you represent a police force or a supporting organisation - please contact us.

Forensic SIM Card Services

Mobile telephony has become a ubiquitous part of modern life, with around a billion users world-wide. Unfortunately this ubiquity also extends to crime with mobile phones and SIM cards being recovered from crime scenes or siezed during police investigations. Both the phone and the SIM card contain important information that can help with these investigations.

The mobile phones need to be read in a vendor proprietary way, however the SIM cards of any vendor may be analysed via a common tool. It is vitally important that the tool cannot modify the contents of the SIM, otherwise evidence could potentially be tampered with. Furthermore the tool must be simple to use and not require detailed knowledge of smartcards. Lastly, the sheer number of SIMs that are recovered and require analysis means that the tool must be fast and generate reports automatically.

The SIM Detective Product - available now!

SIM Detective is a software product designed specifically for the analysis of SIM cards as part of criminal investigations by police forces. Its key features are:

  1. It is a read only product and so does not have the ability to modify the contents of the SIM.
  2. It is fast and easy to use i.e. 2 mouse-clicks and the card is read.
  3. The report is automatically generated and ready for printing.
An example of a SIM Detective report is listed below (a real report would contain information on SMS messages plus calls made and received)

SIM Dectective Report(19k)