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With many years’ practical experience in industrial R&D, Crisp Telecom has invaluable knowledge of turning innovative ideas into practical, saleable products.

New ideas are very vulnerable, skeptics and short-term priorities can crush them and the intellectual property is easily stolen if left unprotected. Many good ideas just fade away due to naivete and the lack of skills needed for business exploitation. Some just waste money and resources, as inventors are seduced by never ending improvements or are reluctant to give up their “baby”.

However, new ideas from free-thinkers are the life-blood of future progress and Crisp Telecom’s mission is not only to contribute to the innovation, but also to help ensure that it is protected and commercially exploited.

To keep the supply of new ideas fresh, it is essential to tap the enormous creativity of the academic community. It is therefore no accident that the Managing Director of Crisp Telecom (Keith Mayes) is also the Director of the Smart Card Centre at the Royal Holloway University as well as being a member of the R&D society and the IEE.

Crisp Telecom's current research interests include:

  • carrying out research or advanced development projects on a commercial contract basis
  • Smart Cards, RFIDs and Tokens
  • Mobile communications
  • Transport Systems