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Intellectual Property

Knowledge of intellectual property is today equally vital for the lone inventor as for the huge multinational. For the individual it can offer a safeguard of creative input and potential for future reward. For the Multi-national it can literally make or break the business.

For 3G alone, many thousands of patent applications have been filed raising fears of a legal onslaught. Companies that were slow to react may find themselves under siege from spiralling licensing demands.

Of course there will be winners too and companies that have effectively staked out their intellectual property territory will not only safeguard their own business but may gain from the licensed efforts of their competitors.

With real-world experience gained from IP responsibilities within a major UK operator, supported by a knowledge of telecommunications systems, Crisp Telecom is able to provide practical guidance for protection, exploitation and risk management.

Crisp Telecom offers a range of Intellectual Property services to its clients including:

  • technical survey/review in alleged infringement cases
  • negotiation of licence agreements
  • review of IPR agreements
  • review of new technology - due diligence
  • patent searches and intelligence reports
  • company IPR benchmarking
However there is a need for companies to be made more generally aware of IPR issues, which is why Crisp Telecom has developed its Quick-Start for Business package.

Quick Start Intellectual Rights for Business