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Product Development

Crisp is an experienced and proven developer of prototype, proof-of-concept and custom commercial products. This has involving developing for a range of mobile phones, smart cards, RFIDs, modems, PCs and servers. We have also developed custom test-jigs for client specified test and trials work. Crisp also carries out its own speculative developments (such as the M2M tester and tagging systems) to test the market.

Businesses depend on products, not just the great idea or the first prototype, but the whole end-to-end lifecycle that converts that idea into a revenue stream. Sometimes companies will simply focus on basic technical and commercial aspects, forgetting to consider a whole range of issues, such as legacy, integration, customer care, testing, customer-perception sales training etc. Even worse is when a product does not have a risk review and can then be vulnerable to fraud, security attack or infringement claims from third parties.

Crisp Telecom can help to avoid these pitfalls, by not only developing the technical solutions, but by also drawing on its experience of critical reviews of product proposals and roadmaps.